Modernization and/or Re-Write of Legacy Applications

Legacy software systems require significant maintenance just to keep them running. At a certain point, the cost (in both money and time) of maintaining the old system starts to outweigh the costs of starting over. Particularly if new features cannot be implemented due to the limitations of old technology or lack of developers proficient in outdated technology.

We utilize up to date technology, modern techniques and architecture, to craft user friendly, reliable, responsive, flexible applications, easy to maintain.

Some of the modernization/re-write benefits include:

  • Improved stability and reliability of application
  • Better user experience
  • Enhanced application runtime performance
  • Lower maintenance cost with higher flexibility
  • Improved business operations
  • Reduced operational cost

In many situations your legacy software could be modernized gradually, by only adding the modules you need to support new features. Your entire legacy system can also be re-written step by step, by replacing it one module at a time, at your own pace, to fit your budget.

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