Our Mission

Every business, small or large, occassionally needs software developers, but not every business can afford in-house IT staff or expensive cosnulting companies. We are here to bridge that gap. Our mission is to provide flexible, inexpensive, and most of all, reliable software development and support services affordable for any business.


With ZISCODE, LLC you get personalized and friendly approach to your software needs. You will speak directly with developers who have years of experience developing and supporting software for both, large corporations and small businesses. Your requirements will be addressed in a competent and timely manner, at a most competetive price. Let us help you solve your software problems!

Our Services:
Take full control of your business through a well crafted application designed around your requirements!
Enhance your productivity and user experience by having a tool created to meet your specific needs.
Access your data from anywhere! Web APIs make it easy to centralize your data and business logic in one place. Access them easily and securely using desktop applications, mobile devices, or web browsers.
Store and manage your data efficiently in an MSSQL Server relational database. We offer database design, maintenance, support for existing databases, SQL query development, and reporting.
Is your old software holding you back? Is it using obsolete technology, or lacks the features you need? We can help by gradual modernization, or full re-write of your legacy applications, at the pace and cost comfortable for you.
Are you stuck with an old application written using Visual Basic 6? Most VB6 developers are no longer in business, but we still have the skillset needed to support and maintain your application, or re-write it using up to date technology.
Data in uncommon formats can be hard to access or consume. We can convert your data into format you need, such as Excel, database tables, XML, or any custom format you may require.
All of the services listed above are offered remotely.